कक्षा संचालन सम्बन्धी सूचना ।

प्रस्तुत  विषयमा  कोभिड–१९ का कारण भौतिक रुपमा स्थगन भएका पठन–पाठन कार्यक्रमहरु मिति २०७८।१०।२४ गते देखि स्वास्थ्य सुरक्षाका सबै मापदण्डहरु अपनाई  कक्षा ६ देखि १२ सम्मका सबै कक्षाहरु संचालन गरिने छ । साथै कक्षा प्ले  ग्रुप देखि ५ सम्मका कक्षाहरु अर्को सूचना जारी नभए सम्मका लागि अनलाईन माध्यमबाटै संचालन गरिने कुरा सम्पूर्ण विद्यार्थी, अभिभावक, शिक्षक तथा  कर्मचारीहरुको जानकारीको लागि यो सूचना प्रकाशन गरिएको छ।                                                                         प्रधानाध्यापक

Message from the Principal:


Message from the Principal:

Mahendra Secondary  School (MSS) is a community school established in 2009 B.S. with a noble aim of imparting knowledge, skill and attitude to the students based on the curriculum guidelines and as per the necessity of the 21st century learning skills. It has completed its prolonged successful academic journey of nearly seven decades and has achieved remarkable success in the academic and extra-curricular fields. It has been possible because of the continuous support of the guardians, our beloved hard-working as well as highly disciplined students, concern of the well-wishers, stakeholders and dedication of the professionally guided, qualified staff.

We have English medium classes from nursery to class 10, open school programme science, management, education and social science subjects in grade 11 and 12. Students enrolled in this school can get the facilities of well-equipped physics, chemistry and biology labs, ICT lab, well-stocked library with text books,  reference books, study reports, journals magazines and audio-visual aids.

As a principal, I am proud to say and it's a matter of our common pleasure that MSS has been declared as a Model School by the government  of Nepal and it is being run with clear objectives of our master plan. Realizing the necessity to meet the needs of the challenging globalization, our effort is continuously going on to incorporate learning students and implement them  for the bright future of our students. We are, therefore, confident that our strategies for providing quality education will definitely support our students to overcome any challenges both locally and globally. Our ultimate goal is to develop MSS as an excellent academic learning hub with learner-friendly, environment friendly and ICT friendly set up . So, we always expect our guardians, donors, stakeholders, alumni and donors to love us, advise and contribute to our programmers. I look forward to welcoming you at MSS.

Best wishes !

                                                                                                            Yubraj Gyawali


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